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Big Book of Kamasutra app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 6864 ratings )
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Developer: DevelopmentSquared
Current version: 4.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 05 Nov 2012
App size: 37.88 Mb

Ready to test your limits? Download and explore this big book of kamasutra sex positions. As we say at Big Book, if its not in here, then its just not possible. We feel we have covered every possible sexual position known to man (or woman). If you think we have missed something, please email us your request and we will create the position (and possibly name it after you).

iPhone5 Ready

We feel this is the most comprehensive and sophisticated app of its kind on the app store. Featuring a beautifully designed interface with hand drawn positions, we feel the user will not be dissappointed with the download.

Pros and cons of Big Book of Kamasutra app for iPhone and iPad

Big Book of Kamasutra app good for

I would love to buy it, but its localized in German (my language). And its the worst translation I have ever seen! I wish I could change in the settings to English.
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This app is a fun to do ... All my friends enjoy looking at the positions and telling stories about trying this or that position
Would be good to see motion in some of the positions, still a great app
Cant wait to try all of them! Hopefully it wont take too long :)
This is one of the best apps all what you think of is in one place. It lacks one thing ... To mark the tried positions plz add it

Some bad moments

Its ok. It has many positions that I never knew existed. I would like to buy at least one of the locked categories, but I dont like the fact that it doesnt say the price. So I just didnt buy it. The app has potential... But until they reveal prices, I dont think is worth taking space in my phone. Im deleting.
Am I missing something? I am unable to share via text messaging. I can only share via email...Facebook and Twitter? If thats the case..Im dumping it!
You should have better descprition of sex acts and a few more category.
Want a refund for glitchy, stupid positions i paid for all positions to try it assuming that the restore purchases button in the menu button worked
Had pretty good info... Unless u want a position u dont know. Then u have to pay for it. It would b nice if they showed u a few unique things to pique your interest, unfortunately u have to pay for anything u havent already done.

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